love poems A Journey by George Barlow romantic poetry art

A Journey


You are no longer with me, save for in my spirit and mind…

The same green hill, the same blue sea,—
Yet, love, thou art no more to me!

The same long reach of yellow sand,—
Where is the touch of thy soft hand?

The same wide open arch of sky,—
But, sweetheart, thou no more art nigh!

God love thee and God keep thee strong:
I breathe that pure prayer through my song!

I send my soul across the waste
To seek and find thy soul in haste!

Across the inland woods and glades,
And through the leaf-laced checkered shades,

My spirit passes, seeking thee;
No more I tarry by the sea.

For where thou art am I for ever;
Mere space and time divide us never.

Love Poems by George Barlow

Love Art – Nude from the Back (Nu de dos) (1917) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Original from Barnes Foundation.