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A Song


If love were like a thrush’s song,
Ah me! ah me!
I’d list his tale the whole day long,
Ah me!
I’d never know how time went by,
I’d never guess that time will die;
Rapt in that living ecstasy,
Ah me! ah me!
I’d list a glorious life along
If love were but a thrush’s song.

But love is fierce and love is fain,
Ah me! ah me!
Love has one bitter sweet refrain,
Ah me!
Love knows of anguish every tone,
Love knows of joy but hope alone,
Love knows of hope that hope is flown,
Ah me! ah me!
Love! poor fierce Love, by storm winds driven,
Love is earth’s vain desire for heaven,
Ah me!

Love Poem by A. Stepney Gulston

Love Art – Nude Woman (1927) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Original from The National Gallery of Art.

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