Love poems Angel of the Rocks by Steven Hopley romantic poetry art

Angel of the Rocks


The sun yawns over the boughs

And its dappled hands caress her;

But upon a whim it glows sudden bright,

Her silken skin is lit with sepia light:

The chiaroscuro of a careless moment.

Her eyes close in an ecstasy

As her hand rests upon the child;

Her purity infusing, cleansing him.

A thousand curls ring her alabaster brow,

Golden strands arcing through the black

Like flaxen halos leafed on wood-panels,

Drawing the viewer’s gaze downwards

Across her blushing cheek

And trailing over her shoulder

Draped in diaphanes,

Pinioning eve’s first breeze:

An angel on the rocks made mortal,

Radiant in the sfumato of twilight.

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Love Poem by Steven Hopley

Love Art – Geboorte van Venus (1924) by Richard Nicolaüs Roland Holst. Original from The Rijksmuseum.