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As One Would Stand Who Saw a Sudden Light


When you said I might love you, my mind blossomed into thoughts…

As one would stand who saw a sudden light
Flood down the world, and so encompass him,
And in that world illumined Seraphim
Brooded above and gladdened to his sight;
So stand I in the flame of one great thought,
That broadens to my soul from where she waits,
Who, yesterday, drew wide the inner gates
Of all my being to the hopes I sought.
Her words come to me like a summer-song,
Blown from the throat of some sweet nightingale;
I stand within her light the whole day long,
And think upon her till the white stars fail:
I lift my head towards all that makes life wise,
And see no farther than my lady’s eyes.

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Love Poems by Gilbert Parker

Love Art – A Woman Clothed with a Sun (1899) by Odilon Redon, the National Gallery of Art.