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A Beloved is too much for this lover to consider her anything but a dream…

Because her eyes were far too deep
And holy for a laugh to leap
Across the brink where sorrow tried
To drown within the amber tide;
Because the looks, whose ripples kissed
The trembling lids through tender mist,
Were dazzled with a radiant gleam
Because of this I called her “Dream.”

Because the roses growing wild
About her features when she smiled
Were ever dewed with tears that fell
With tenderness ineffable;
Because her lips might spill a kiss
That, dripping in a world like this,
Would tincture death’s myrrh-bitter stream
To sweetness – so I called her “Dream.”

Because I could not understand
The magic touches of a hand
That seemed, beneath her strange control,
To smooth the plumage of the soul
And calm it, till, with folded wings,
It half forgot its flutterings,
And, nestled in her palm, did seem
To trill a song that called her “Dream.”

Because I saw her, in a sleep
As dark and desolate and deep
And fleeting as the taunting night
That flings a vision of delight
To some lorn martyr as he lies
In slumber ere the day he dies
Because she vanished like a gleam
Of glory, do I call her “Dream.”

Love poems Dream flower romantic poetry

Love Poem by James Whitcomb Riley

Love Art – Mäda Primavesi (1912-1913) by Gustav Klimt. Original from The MET Museum.

Dream by James Whitcomb Riley - Love Poems - Romantic Poems

Sometimes love is so sweet and fleeting that it can only be considered a dream.


Author: James Whitcomb Riley