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Love’s Power


How Love brings both winter and spring!

The fire is smouldering while the daylight wanes;
Rain taps impatient on the window-panes;
The waves roll high, and the cold wind complains.
The wind complains.

Reluctant start the embers to a blaze;
Among the ashy drifts the red coal plays;
In fairy rings the circling smoke delays.
The smoke delays.

Ah, lonely life! it is the wind’s sad cry;
Ah, only life! calls Echo, floating by;
Ah, love is life! it is my heart’s reply.
My heart’s reply.

Burn low, ye fires that on the hearthstone play!
Beat out your life, O waves in dashing spray!
My heart chants not your monotone to-day.
Oh, not to-day!

I hear no dirge, I see no ashes gray—
Love! love! love! love! its rapture fills the day!
The winter brings to me the bloom of May.
The bloom of May.

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Love Poems by Lydia Avery Coonley

Love Art – The Plate Mansion by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), the Library of Congress.