Love poems My Lady by William Schwenck Gilbert romantic poetry art

My Lady


How the mere sight of you, my Love, can drive me to madness!

Bedecked in fashion trim,
With every curl a-quiver;
Or leaping, light of limb,
O’er rivulet and river;
Or skipping o’er the lea
On daffodil and daisy;
Or stretched beneath a tree,
All languishing and lazy;
Whatever be her mood –
Be she demurely prude
Or languishingly lazy –
My lady drives me crazy!
In vain her heart is wooed,
Whatever be her mood!

What profit should I gain
Suppose she loved me dearly?
Her coldness turns my brain
To VERGE of madness merely.
Her kiss – though, Heaven knows,
To dream of it were treason –
Would tend, as I suppose,
To utter loss of reason!
My state is not amiss;
I would not have a kiss
Which, in or out of season,
Might tend to loss of reason:
What profit in such bliss?
A fig for such a kiss!

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Love poem by William Schwenck Gilbert

Love Art – Naakte Vrouw Tussen Twee Van Elkaar Weg Kijkende Mannen Hoofden (1933) by Leo Gestel. Original from The Rijksmuseum. 

My Lady by William Schwenck - Love Poems - Romantic Poetry

A lover is driven to madness with his Love's look and manners.


Author: William Schwenck Gilburt