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Omens and Oracles


Feelings shift when faced with such Love, and such hopelessness…

All the phantoms of the future, all the spectres of the past,
In the wakeful night came round me, sighing, crying, “Fool, beware!
Check the feeling o’er thee stealing! Let thy first love be thy last!
Or, if love again thou must, at least this fatal love forbear!”
Marah Amara!

Now the dark breaks. Now the lark wakes. Now their voices fleet away.
And the breeze about the blossom, and the ripple in the reed,
And the beams and buds and birds begin to whisper, sing, or say,
“Love her, love her, for she loves thee!” And I know not which to heed.
Cara Amara!

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Love Poems by Robert, Lord Lytton

Love Art – Angel Applicant (1939) by Paul Klee. Original from The MET Museum.