On Your Wedding Day


It is better to give than to receive:

This oft-used phrase rings oft-times true;

And so it is that you will both achieve

That rare and perfect trade – though old, yet new;

For today you give the gift of yourself

To the other – a pledge of devotion

Weighing, in either scale, each borrowed half,

Made whole, and even double, by the notion.

A ring, forged in fire, that stands for eternity

Will bind you – a bond that not restrains you

But anchors; yet lifts each possibility

To infinite plains of promising blue:

And, for this tendered care, in fine receipts,

The each the other gains – the ring completes.

love poems butterflies flowers romantic poetry art

Love Poem by Steven Hopley

Love Art – The Wedding Party (ca. 1905) by Henri Rousseau.