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Poem III (The Earth-Child Poems)


Did I dream of you last night, my Love… or were you there too?

Through the dark forest we walked apart and silently
Only the dead leaves beneath our feet kept up a ghostly conversation.
As we touched them—they cried out: ‘It is all over you are killing us’.
Yet with swift steps and joyfully, we walked through the muffled forest.
A wild scent burst from the ground and broke over us in waves
The naked branches stiffened against the black air.
Behind us an army of ghosts mimicked our steps
They caught at the trailing shadows and fashioned them into cloaks.
And pretended that under their cloaks, like us, they were trembling and
On the brow of the hill we stopped—the ghosts forsook us
The forest drew back and the road slipped into the plains.
A moon swung into the sky—we faced each other
He said! ‘Do not fly away’.
I said: ‘Are you a dream’
We touched each other’s hands.

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Love Poem by Katherine Mansfield

Love Art – The Kiss (1930) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Original from The National Gallery of Art.