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The Hour of Shadows


In the quiet of the forest, the loudness of my memories lets me dream of Her…

Upon that quiet day that lies
Where forest branches screen the skies,
The spirit of the eve has laid
A deeper and a dreamier shade;
And winds that through the tree-tops blow
Wake not the silent gloom below.

Only the sound of far-off streams,
Faint as our dreams of childhood’s dreams,
Wandering in tangled pathways crossed,
Like woodland truants strayed and lost,
Their faint, complaining echoes roam,
Threading the forest toward their home.

O brooks, I too have gone astray,
And left my comrade on the way—
Guide me through aisles where soft you moan,
To some sad spot you know alone,
Where only leaves and nestlings stir,
And I may dream, and dream of Her.

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Love Poem by H. C. Bunner

Love Art – Le Gout des Laques (1920) fashion illustration by George Barbier. Original from The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library.