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The Modern Narcissus


The modern Narcissus in mirrors refract

Beauty most base and contrived by society;

Depraved travesty, in vitreous cracked,

Vertiginous love from tenuous vanity.

Feminine love-hue, masked by feigned face;

Lust most officious that cascadeth down –

Perfumèd women, attired in lace –

Through populous glass-men and then to the ground.

Love is not love that hath beauty deceived,

Nor beauty to beauty that call itself art,

Yet beloved muses do poorly receive

The noble and amorous depths of Love’s heart:

Hear not what avaricious charlatans say,

For beauty is infinite where natural stay.

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Love Poem by Steven Hopley

Love Art – Naakte Vrouw Die Haar Borst Aanraakt by Henri Jonas. Original from The Rijksmuseum.